I graduated.

Being brief is hard for me. But I wanted to be brief.

I put off writing what I wanted to write because all I could think about in my head was how it would come across to others.

Showing off?

Too proud?


Those were just a few thoughts that crossed my mind.

But as with most things it’s the stuff you’re scared to share that is worth sharing. A lot of the times it means that others are feeling the same thing as you right? I can’t be sure if this is the case… I can only guess.

I hate guessing.

Anyways back to being brief.

I recently graduated from the college program I had been in for the last year and a half. Before the graduation even happened I very quickly started a new(ish) program - a bridge program so that I can work towards a Kin degree.

Both of these things (finishing the college diploma and starting at university) have been two very good things but the overlap is hard.

I realized it’s kind of the theme of my life; starting something new just a tad bit before finishing up on the last task.

Now I’ve come to accept that this is what my personality tends towards, however I have recently realized that it is important to slow things down and appreciate the moment for what it is.

A side story (because I told you I was bad at being brief) this thought was catalyzed by an ice cream trip with a new friend - at least I hope he doesn’t mind me referring to him as a friend.

I really never know: when you meet someone you like what is the point at which you are allowed to call them a friend? If someone has the answer to this please share!!

Now getting back on track…

A couple weeks before ending the fitness and health promotion program I got an email telling me I’d been awarded the presidents medal.

I didn’t tell anyone for several days. Then I told my mom, no one else.

I hadn’t planned on going to graduation. (I was too busy, I had class)

I didn’t think graduating or getting the award was that big of a deal. (because people around me didn’t think college was a big deal?)

Long story short I ended up going thanks to a friend. And all day I was a little saddened by the fact that I was just about to let that part of my life pass me by.

When it came to getting the award I couldn’t help but think why can other people recognize me for these traits but I can’t recognize them in myself?

At the end of the day I was VERY happy I ended up going. It tells me a lot about the progress I’ve made in my life thus far.

Hopefully someone reading this can take this story and use it as a reminder to hit pause, take a breath, appreciate the moment and most importantly appreciate yourself - allow yourself to be proud of what its take to get where you are.

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